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Have you ever had filet mignon with a side of delectable king crab?

You’ve heard of “surf and turf” – Weber’s Restaurant offers some of the most delicious cuts of beef served alongside sensational crab legs and lobster tails. Our filet mignon is a favorite that only gets better when you add rich and buttery king crab meat to the dish!  Our filet mignon is properly prepared and aged to enhance succulence and flavor. The tender beef and flaky crab meat blends together perfectly creating a sensational taste that must be experienced to be believed. Combine the great food with our warm and inviting atmosphere and our extensive wine selection and you won’t simply enjoy a meal – but an experience.  Learn more here about how we make our filet mignon and the call us at (734) 665-3636 to schedule your reservation!

Have you tasted the perfect filet mignon in Ann Arbor?

Welcome to Weber’s Restaurant! If you’re hungry for the perfect filet mignon in Ann Arbor, you’ve come to the right place. Like our famous Prime Rib or our 14-ounce New York Strip, our filet mignon is sourced from the finest midwestern beef available. As a center cut, the 8-ounce filet is intricately prepared to enhance tenderness and preserve the natural flavor giving you a perfectly delicious steak! Learn more here about our wet-aged, seasoned, and cooked to perfection filet mignon !