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On the Go? Stop at The Coffee Bar!

Running late packing a breakfast for yourself or forgot to set the coffee pot? Weber’s has you covered with fresh brewed coffee every day and fresh delicious baked goods. Our cheddar herb scone is a favorite! If you want a more nutritious breakfast you’ll also want to try our vanilla yogurt with banana, blueberry, chia seeds and ground pistachio. Enjoy the best  breakfast in Ann Arbor , Weber’s Restaurant is here to serve you. Give us a call or make your reservation online today!

Delicious Breakfast You’ll Love!

Want a great quality breakfast in a splendid setting? Enjoy breakfast on our sun lit patio or inside our dining room with wide section of starters, sides and entrees that is sure to satisfy your appetite! Our menu has something for everyone and our organic fair trade coffee selection will provide you with the perfect accompaniment to your meal.  Click Here  to schedule your reservation or give us a call at 734-665-3636 today!